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Resources ,Energy & Mining Sectors

Resources,Energy & Mining Sectors


Revenue for the Mining sector has increased strongly over the past five years, due to generally higher output and stronger commodity prices in Australian dollar terms for many division goods. Major importing countries, such as China and India, have rapidly industrialised over the period, driving demand for a range of natural resources and industrial commodities. High global demand prompted several major Australian mining companies to commit to new mining projects and expansions early over the period. These commitments have led to high capital investment by historical standards, and large increases in mining volumes across several mining and related industries.

The Mining sector is anticipated to increasingly focus on output and productivity over the next five years. The division's investment pipeline is slowing as existing major projects reach completion and firms bring new capacity online. Additionally, relatively weak capital expenditure over the next five years is forecast to hinder industries involved in developing new projects, including industries and firms involved in exploration and mining support services. Furthermore, some major industries in the division, such as the Iron Ore Mining industry, have engaged in capacity-based competition over the past five-year period, as the global iron ore mining sector expanded

What is Mining industry in Australia?

Industry Definition

The Mining sector includes all operations that mainly extract minerals or hydrocarbons (oil and gas), explore for minerals or hydrocarbons, and provide a variety of services to firms engaged in these activities.

Industry Products and Services

  • Coal mining
  • Oil and gas extraction
  • Other metal ore mining
  • Iron ore mining
  • Non-metallic mineral mining and quarrying
  • Exploration and other mining services

Industry Activities

  • Coal mining
  • Oil and gas extraction and mining
  • Metal ore mining
  • Non-metallic mineral ore mining
  • Other mineral mining and quarrying
  • Services to mining
  • Mining exploration services
  • Contract and mining support services


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