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Profit Tracking & Monitoring Services

Profit tracking

Profit Tracking is the process of monitoring your business financial performance.

How often should you be tracking your profits of the business. We suggest that every business should be keeping their eye on the ball every week and not wait until the end of the month or BAS quarter.

Can you measure the profitability of each trading period accurately and with confidence? Evaluating key indicators on a weekly basis, provides a level of certainty by ensuring that business units are running at optimal performance levels in terms of sales and cost control.

To help Managers and Business Owners better understand, and monitor these critical performance indicators, Profit Right provides a tailored KPI monitoring service. Its called Biz Trac Monitor, it is a cloud based system that keeps track of your weekly sales and profit margins on a regular basis with a monday morning report sent straight to your inbox.


Better Profit will lead to business growth for industry

Don't wait until the end of the month or BAS quarter its too late then?




Timely Financial Information Improves Performance

Timely financial information and analysis is essential for making informed decisions, evaluating your company’s results, improving what people say about your company and products you can greatly improve the service you provide

You need to track your financial performance to  ensure you are on the path to meet your strategic goals. Harnessing your financial data and aligning it with your company goals is easier than you think but often it is not given the priority and focus it deserves.

In many cases, we find companies have the necessary information, but the delivery is all-too-slow, with the relevant data hitting the decision-makers’ desks two to three months after it was truly needed.

It’s a lost opportunity, and those companies are not optimising a key resource –  financial information that offers valuable insight into customer behaviour, operating performance and resource allocation.

There are a few steps we recommend in order to grab hold of the right data, turn it into insightful analysis and information and get it to the management table in a timely manner.

Biz-Trac Monitor

Our Unique Biz-Trac Monitor will help you keep on track with your business performance.


A business strategy is the means by which it sets out to achieve its desired ends.

If you have been selected for a business audit, here is what you need to know.

Restructuring your company could restore its viability and improve its liquidity position.


Marketing Research

Research helps you plan the best way to get your product from the manufacturer to the retail shelf. In addition to deciding which retailers should carry your product, you should determine where your inventory will be held.

Listen to your team

Go to your team, and tell them you want to make a fresh start. Tell them you want them to enjoy their jobs more and get more done.

Analyze the Problem

In this problem solving step, you will want to figure out what caused the problem, what the problem looks like at this moment, and the urgency of addressing the problem.