Smart Marketing Techniques 


Marketing Techniques Action Plan is created to assist the business marketers & salespersons who want to intensify their sales by using improved marketing techniques. This action plan can help you to master the following principal techniques:

  • Expressing the benefit to customers;
  • Becoming irreplaceable to customers;
  • Becoming magnetic to customers;
  • And much more…



Marketing Techniques:

  • Express the benefit (explain to the Customers what they win when buying from you):

A very simple, reliable and basically efficient marketing method that stands for word-picturing and dramatizing all pleasant emotions, positive effects, or any other tangible/intangible benefits that a customer will get from buying the products or services you sell. When developing your advertising, content of the web pages or other sales materials you should imagine what positive emotions or comfortable feelings people are focused on when they seeks for products like yours. Find good words to point and intensify their desire, and then motivate them to buy immediately.


  • Become irreplaceable (be the most reliable and effective resource for your Customers):

Aspire to be just where people may need you (manage to come up with your services when they may need them) – study every particular client closer as possible and reach him with your offer based upon his specific situation and seeking. Build unique relationships, be flexible to provide exclusive offers and retain your customers. Make everything you can to prevent your customers from even looking at your competitors – deliver services faster, easier, less expensively;



  • Become magnetic (stimulate the Customers returning to you and “spending time with you”):

Make the existing customers visiting back your site again and again (suggest and support them to visit your location not for buy, but just for fun, for information, for update, etc). Any time a customer is back to your location (your shop, bar, web-site, etc) it is your perfect chance to sell something else (any addition, accessory, etc). Arrange some kind of a “club” to let people come to you for news, chat, free information, free services, free fun, etc;

  • Develop partnerships (create Customer and B-to-B referral networks):

Beside usual customer referral programs (bring a friend – get a present) seek to establish cross-referral relations with other companies or even competitors. Ensure that your selected partners can recommend your services to some of their customers, as well as you can address some of your customers to them (this refers to services which cannot be rendered at your company). This refers to sponsorship or supply (you deliver to partners what they don’t have or cannot render);

  • Elaborate your uniqueness (be explicitly unique even if you sell what everybody else sells):

When you sell your services or products you actually sell your brand, your image, your offers, your additional service, your appearance, etc. It is about your company differentiation, not about products or services. What you need to achieve here is to be positively exceptional in everything you do and provide (to stand out from a crowd of your competitors): for example you can sell the common product, but in a better packaging, with a better consultation, inclusive of gifts, free implementation and free delivery, and so on;


  • Make a change- your weapon (monitor market trends and response them with your strategy):

Don’t wait until your sales decline to implement a change. One way to avoid becoming obsolete is not struggling against a change, but rather anticipating and leading this change to serve your interests. Control the recent trends and response them proactively in a manner suiting your aims. In other words you need to market your goods just where your target customers are: let’s say if they spend more and more time in the Web, then you don’t have to stop ahead of conquering the Internet!


  • Creating product bundles (combine two or more related products or services):

Creating special combination packages is a popular way to sell more at the same or a discounted price. Everybody is interested to get more by paying the same money – you need to make your customers understand what they will win if they buy a bundle from you and what they can lose if they ignore your proposition. Actually, combining different or related products and services is a very wide field for creating unique propositions.



Finally employ some smart marketing techniques that can be measured to